1904 Liberty Head Nickel Pendant


    This is a rare and possibly one-of-a-kind US 1904 Liberty Head Nickel converted into a pendant by an artist. the artist created Lady Liberty's face punching through the coin and coming out in a 3-D manner. It is really cool how they were able to create this. There are ripples where her head is coming through as you would see in a comic book when the character burst onto the scene. A pendant circle was created to wear this piece on a neck chain. There is a date plate on the back that was attached and reads Nov.22,1904. This would be such a lovely gift for the collector who has everything and loves to collect coins. This would also be a lovely gift for your recent graduate depending on their area of study. 

    CONDITION: In Excellent antique condition! There is some wear and tarnishing due to age, but no notable flaws. can be easily added to the chain of your choice and worn as a necklace.

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