1975 Star Trek Coloring Book

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  • Vintage 1970's SUPER RARE! And Unique! Awesome and very difficult to find collectible!! I found many blogs featuring this funny and interesting story based coloring book, but I did not see any for sale online. It is featured on this blog as #1 of the "Utterly Insane Coloring Books" List. http://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/a-gallery-of-utterly-insane-colouring-books The StarTrek crew travels to the floating circus tent planet of Omicron where they have found the secret to happiness. Mr. Spock and the team travel down to meet the clown inhabitants of Omicron. Vintage Star Trek Coloring Book, Copyright 1975, Saalfield. The original cost of the Star Trek coloring book was 49 cents. The coloring book features Spock on the cover. It was copyrighted by Paramount Pictures Corporation in 1975. Our of 56 Illustration Pages, there are 37 completely blank graphics to color in from scratch. There are 11 additional pages that are barely colored on and can be completed or colored over. The remaining of the pages are heavily colored on.



    PUBLISHER: Paramount Pictures Corp.

    SIZE: 12'' H x 9'' W PAGES: 56

    COVER: Soft Cover



    This coloring book has some damage. There is 1 pages that have come out but is tucked in. The rest of the pages are intact. There are several pages with turned or rumpled corners. There are several pages that are blank and ready to be colored in! There are several that have been colored in somewhat or completely scribbled on. Some of the text words are a little hard to read on a few of the pages because the words have faded due to age. There are age spots on the inside and back cover. 

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