20s Flapper Dress


    Authentic 1920's Beaded Flapper Dress



    BUST: 32"

    WAIST: 33"

    HIP: 36"

    LENGTH: 45"

    SLEEVE LENGTH: 7 1/2"


    This is a gorgeous and authentic 1920's Boardwalk Empire style Flapper Dress that was completely handmade. The color combination is so amazing! It is brown chiffon covered in Ombre Cut Velvet Flowers. I have never seen ombre present in a 1920's Flapper Dress, but here it is! One-of-a-kind and so so beautiful! It is a feminine pale pink chiffon with amazing hand beaded detail covering every inch! The bodice is decorated with small black beads that are arranged in a floral motif covering the collar area. It waterfalls down the entire front of the dress. The rest of the dress is covered in long cylindrical silver beads that radiate out from the drop waist section of the dress. The silver beads are seen at the hemline and on the edges of the sleeves. This is a beautiful piece for someone who is studying fashion design or the perfect gift for a clothing collector!



    SEAMSTRESS SPECIAL - This is the perfect dress for someone who would has the ability to repair the flaws. Or for seamstress who can use this dress as a pattern to make other similar dresses. Please see photos. There are no large rips in the fabric and this dress is able to be repaired! The main flaw which you can see in the photographs is that there are many beads that have fallen off, or are falling off. The style of beads present are not so unique that you will not be able to find a replacement. You should be able to find similar beads online to fix what has fallen off. There are a few faint colored stains that mostly appear on the sleeves. One of the drop waist areas has been repaired with maroon colored thread. An expert should remove this repair and redo. At the bottom of one of the sleeve you can see that the seams have fallen out and needs to be repaired. This is a very easy fix, but the sleeves could also easily be removed for a sleeveless look! This is still a very gorgeous dress that can be repaired for wear or used as a collector's piece to create new dresses with this silhouette. Please contact us with additional questions!