80s Mary Frances Beaded Collectible Handbag


    11" x 6"


    This is a gorgeous representation that is the talent of Miss Mary Frances who has been designing and selling collectible handbags since the 1980's. This one has white beaded fleur de lis on the front and the back. There is a large round maroon stone on one side with beading (which I missed getting a photo of. I will get it up soon or please contact me to send a photo.)The shape of the bag is interesting and unique being that it is a half oval shape. There is a large black tassel that hangs from the bottom with decorative beading. There are 2 handles, a beaded shoulder strap with brown, white and black beads, and a black faux bamboo handle. There is some black feather trip and the inside of the bag is lined is soft black satin.



    The inside is clean and this bag looks like it was barely used. It is in fabulous condition!



    Mary Frances began designing her bags in the 1980's when she decided that commercial real estate was just not for her. She felt a need to express herself creatively and had always loved costume jewelry, with it's glitter and glamour. Mary Frances really wanted to create this jewelry but also did not want to be stuck selling her creations one by one at local craft fairs. She visited a friend in the Philippines in 1989 and found a factory to manufacture her jewelry. Trends in large costume jewelry declined in the 1990's and Mary Frances decided to design bags that incorporated her love of jewelry. 

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