90s Black Rabbit Fur Coat - M/L

    SHOULDERS: 17"
    BUST: 40"
    LENGTH: 27"
    LABEL SIZE: Large
    Fits like a Medium/Large.

    This coat is absolutely to die for! It is in mint condition. The shape is unique and minimal. I love that the wrists have elastic to keep the wind out of your sleeves. No need to keep bothering to tuck your gloves up in the cold. The fur is deeply black without variation - not brown or red. Wait until you put this on! You will not be able to keep your hands off yourself.

    This fur coat is in great vintage condition. There are minimal blemishes in the fur - some slight signs of wear. There are no tears. The fur is not shedding. The lining is in perfect condition. The hook and eye closures are original and intact. The pockets are in perfect condition. Elastic at the wrists is tight. 10/10

    Our motto is "If we're not wearing it, we're wasting it." We only purchase fur that is vintage or secondhand, therefore our purchases/sales are not supporting the current fur industry. We 100% do not support the farming & killing of animals for their coats. However, in the case of vintage & secondhand furs, the deed has already been done. We hate the idea of boycotting ALL fur because if we're not wearing it, the life has been wasted, and for no purpose. In fact, fur (& silk) is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics because it will eventually fully decompose once in a landfill, unlike synthetic fabrics (& synthetic fur) made from plastic. Long story short, we are simply saving & appreciating what is already in existence so that it is not being wasted. <3