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SHOULDERS: up to 16"
BUST: up to 38"
LENGTH: 19.5"
SLEEVE LENGTH: 21.5" unrolled
Fits like a Medium

This jacket is so fun! I love a kitschy vintage piece! truly! The colors are bold and fun. The embellished and embroidered floral designs are interesting and unique. You can style this jacket with tons of color to embody the "funnest" person in the room. Or with solids to make the jacket the statement piece. I especially love the black and white polka dot lining, i've been a sucker for dots since birth.

This piece is in vintage condition. There is some dye transfer present on the wrists/sleeves, but hardly noticeable with the sleeves rolled up, and one blemish on the back, but the style forgives any imperfections. No majors snags. No repairs. 9/10

90s Bold Kitschy Embellished Jacket - M

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