90s Burn Out Velvet Button Up Shirt - Plus Size

    SHOULDERS: 20"
    BUST: 54"
    LENGTH: 32"
    LABEL SIZE: 18/20
    Plus Size.
    18% Silk.

    If there is one thing we believe wholeheartedly at RECLAIMthreads, that is YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH VELVET! We love this shirt for a guy or girl, but especially a guy - because what doesn't say touch me like velvet on muscles ;) This shirt is plus size, so some girls can even style this shirt as a dress. The deep purple velvet is beautiful and the burnout pattern is understated, but very intricate upon close look. This will quickly become a favorite of yours.

    This shirt is in great vintage condition. There are no notable flaws. There are no stains, discolorations, snags, holes, or repairs. 10/10