90s Gray Rabbit Fur Coat - L

    SHOULDERS: 19"
    BUST: 40"
    LENGTH: 24"
    SLEEVE LENGTH: 24.5"
    Fits like a Large.

    There is just something about how wearing a fur coat makes you feel yourselfffff. Instant swagger & total warmth. If you haven't worn real fur before, it is the warmest & coziest. This jacket has two hand pockets, which can be hard to find in older pieces. This coat with look great with any outfit underneath to any event/occasion. This the kind of coat that makes you want to move to the snow.

    This fur coat is in good vintage condition. There is one spot on the left shoulder that is worn down to the leather a bit. But, other than that, there are not stains or discolorations to note. Closures are original and functional. 9/10

    Our motto is "If we're not wearing it, we're wasting it." We only purchase fur that is vintage or secondhand, therefore our purchases/sales are not supporting the current fur industry. We 100% do not support the farming & killing of animals for their coats. However, in the case of vintage & secondhand furs, the deed has already been done. We hate the idea of boycotting ALL fur because if we're not wearing it, the life has been wasted, and for no purpose. In fact, fur (& silk) is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics because it will eventually fully decompose once in a landfill, unlike synthetic fabrics (& synthetic fur) made from plastic. Long story short, we are simply saving & appreciating what is already in existence so that it is not being wasted. <3