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90s Mother's Charm Necklace

    Necklace Length: 36"
    Mother Pendant: 1 3/4" x 2"


    This is the most intricate and heavily charmed charm necklace I have ever laid eyes on!  It is really a sight for sore eyes and feels so nostalgic when you look at each charm.  This is the PERFECT Mother's Day present you have been looking for!  This necklace is truly one-of-a-kind.  Made by Glass Works Ltd. in the 90's this long chain charm necklace is very reminiscent of vintage Pididdly Links Jewelry.  Each charm is unique and made out of brass.  This necklace is perfect for a mother of boys and girls, as there are charms to represent sons and daughters. This necklace features a locket that a photo can be place in.  There are colored glass heart pieces.  Every inch of this necklace is covered in some hanging charm, and each one is unique and beautiful There are little girls, little boys, babies, baby shoes, silhouettes, and lots of hearts. There's a bit of color here and there and you could pair this necklace with so many different colored outfits.  The heart lock at the back of the necklace is super fun too!  Your mother will be so elated to wear this gift or hang it as a memento in her home!


    This vintage necklace is in great condition.  The entire style has a tarnished look with the brass charms.  All of the charms are securely attached and it good condition.  This necklace is ready to be worn and loved for years and years to come!