90s Neon Floral Swim Top - S

    BUST: up to 34"
    CUP: up to DD

    This 90s neon floral bathing suit might as well have been made today! The style has totally come back around. I feel most secure in these "high neck" style tops - you don't have to worry about what your cleavage is looking like, you don't have to worry about your girls falling out when you bend over, security! This top is supportive without having underwire! Pair with a neon bottom, or go full contrasting colors or prints. This can totally double as a rave/festival top, or even a shirt with high waisted denim shorts :)

    This bikini top is in great vintage condition. It has been freshly washed. There are two slots in the back closure for added sizing and comfort. The seams are all in good condition. There are no stains or discolorations. 10/10

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