90s Silky Mismatched Pattern Shorts - XS/S/M

    WAIST: 26" - 30"
    RISE: 15"
    LENGTH: 21"
    Fits like a Men's XS - Women's M.

    These 90s mismatched pattern silky shorts are super cool & totally unisex. They are perfect for sleeping, or lounging around, but extra special at music festivals. A super casual style, these shorts are comfy and relaxed, but can be jazzed up with the right outfit. We created an outfit around these shorts with other patterns, but kept it earthy and pastel. The patterns on the shorts showcase butterflies and flowers but don't read overtly feminine. I'm totally obsessed.

    These silky sleep shorts are in great vintage condition. There are no stains or discolorations. There are no snags, holes, or repairs. 10/10