90s USA Olympic Track Pants - M

    WAIST: 32" +stretch
    HIPS: Up to 42"
    INSEAM: 26.5"
    RISE: 14"
    Fits like a Women's Small-Large // Men's Medium

    Track pants have made a big come back, especially in the rave/festival scene for guys and girls. This pair is especially cool because they are USA Olympic brand. This pair of track pants is total unisex and super versatile. Can be worn as functioning athletic wear, cool streetwear, or dope festivalwear! There are pockets and they are lined in white flannel fabric for extra warmth. You can zip the legs at the hem up to 9" to make them more breathable. These are super soft to the touch and not stiff at all.

    This pants are in great vintage condition. There are no visible flaws. There are no stains, discolorations, snags, or repairs to the garment. The zippers at the ankle are original and functioning. 10/10