90s Versace-Inspired Button Up - XL/XXL+

    SHOULDERS: 26"
    BUST: 60"
    LENGTH: 32"
    LABEL SIZE: 24
    Fits like a Mens X-Large/XXL+.

    This button up is amazing! Totally 90s designer-inspired & totally on trend! Pattern mixing made easy! - this shirt incorporates minimal plaid, houndstooth, impressionist animal print, and paisley-esque patterns. If you're one to button your shirt to your throat, this shirt is for you! The top button is a little bit extra. This shirt can also be worn oversized and open on smaller humans. Totally unisex!

    This shirt is in great vintage condition. There are no visible stains or discolorations. There are no major snags, holes, or tears. Original tags still intact. 10/10