Custom Made Leather Shoulder Harness



    Made to Order Leather Shoulder Harness I was commissioned to make 3 costumes for Burning Man this year. I created this leather shoulder harness and bought extra supplies to custom make them to order.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks from the time of order to the time of delivery.

    The entire piece was hand riveted with copper rivets and the leather was given a distressed look. The harness attaches to the body with a vintage leather belt. The shoulder is decorated with different objects hanging from a piece of copper piping. The hanging objects are animal bones, rabbit fur and other unique objects attached with brass chains/hooks or thick leather trim. The objects for your custom made piece can be discussed and designed to suit your style and needs. There is additional leather trip hanging to add found objects along your journey as well. I added an Indian arrow head, old rusted coins, and a glass vile to add in sand from The Playa for another Burning Man costume that I made. The shoulder harness you receive will not be the one photographed, but one that is completely custom made for you specific to your measurements and requests. I have listed this item as a men's harness, but I can make them for women or children as well. 



    At RECLAIMthreads, we love & cherish all lives - including those of animals. We do not support commercial farming of animals of any kind for any purpose. That said, we also believe wholeheartedly in reusing, recycling, & repurposing vintage materials to reduce waste & avoid propegating the fast fashion market. We have vowed to salvage, repurpose, wear, and love vintage furs (20th century or earlier - nothing after 1999) - keeping furs and leathers out of landfills, and appreciating/cherishing/honoring the animal sacrificed. It is our mission to keep RECLAIMthreads as morally vegan as possible.