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94" x 39"

This Indian Sari is to die for! Lavender is such a popular & beautiful color. This fabric is actually striped with purple and blue, but it's very subtle. The fabric is woven with gold in a net-like fashion. The ends are trimmed in gold beaded embroidery. This fabric is sheer and breathable, but still weighty. So freaking beautiful.

If you've been to a festival, you know that the pashmina scarf is a must-have staple. They can keep you warm, or protect you from the sun. Hold it over your mouth to keep from breathing in dust. You can use it to dry your hands or sweat. You can wear it open or wrapped around your neck. You can wear it like a shawl to keep your arms and shoulders warm like a sweater. You can use it to sit more comfortably. If your friend is cold, you toss them your pash. Perfect for a gift :)

This scarf is in great condition. There are no major stains or discolorations. There are no snags, holes, tears or repairs. 10/10

Iridescent/Holographic EmbroideredPashmina

$61.00 Regular Price
$43.31Sale Price
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