Kids Reversible Asian Jacket


    BUST/CHEST: 28"
    WAIST: 28"
    LENGTH: 17"
    SIZE: Kids 5/ Kids 6

    This is a showstopping kid's silky, button up style jacket that is REVERSIBLE! The bright floral print is out of this world amazing featuring the most gorgeous hue of blue and dragons. The other side is super bright lime green, which make this piece very unusual as far as traditional Asian garments go. We have labeled it as a jacket due to the thickness of the fabric, which has a quilted looking quality. Perfect for your little one to wear on a chilly night. The green side is a silky fabric and the floral side is a heavier textured cotton. The jacket is unisex and would work perfectly for a girl or a boy to wear to a traditional Asian wedding ceremony or party. Also great for a little one to wear if you are attending a festival. The eye catching print will get tons of attention. The colors are bright and festive, but will easily pair with simple basic pants or skirts. Deep pockets on both sides will come and handy to store small toys and necessities.

    This jacket is in beautiful condition! There are no stains, holes, or rips to note. 10/10