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This collection of 90s scrunchies is super fun! One is a perfectly faded neon cotton fabric composed of pink, green, purple, orange, and yellow. The pattern is striped with simple tech-style geometric Aztec prints. Another one is also a well-faded cotton with a Dr. Seuss style color palette and print. The last is a silky embossed polyester. The color palette is bold jewel tones - magenta, fuchsia, and teal. It has a kind of nautical vibe with the print, but also features daisies. All of these scrunchies are vibrant and fun!

These scrunchies are in great vintage condition. The elastics are tight and stretchy. There are no major blemishes in the fabrics. The neon ones are faded to perfection. There are a couple spots of minor fraying in the polyester scrunchy. 9/10

Lot of 3 Bold Vintage Scrunchies

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