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34" x 34"


This is a beautiful and large vintage scarf.  The colors are a pale pink and maroon and the print is a crocodile or alligator.  This is a large, square shaped scarf that is super versatile!  You can use it as a dust mask or traditional scarf.  Or you can tie it in various ways to create a top or a bathing suit cover.  Although the fabric is not real silk, it is very silky and soft to the touch.  There are also faint, wide stripes that go across the print that you can see when you hold it up in the light.



This scarf is in perfect condition. There are no stains or discolorations. There is one small hole on the edge and some fabric pulls near the edges. The seams are all intact.

Maroon & Pink Reptile Print Scarf

$14.00 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
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