Peruvian Sterling Chrysocolla Brooch

    LENGTH: 1.5"
    WIDTH: 1.75"

    This is a 1970's Aztec or Mayan style brooch that doubles as a pendant and can easily be added to a chain. This is a large statement piece featuring a Mayan or Aztec God and 2 large, rectangular green chrysocolla stones. The shape of the pendant itself is very unique and resembles a totem like structure or building. This would be a beautiful piece to add to a necklace and give as a unique gift. It can also by used as a brooch and added to a winter coat, backpack, purse or other accessory. The back of the pin is stamped 925 for Sterling. There is a lever pin in the back to use it as a brooch and 2 metal brackets to slide a necklace chain through. 

    CONDITION: Great condition! There are no dents or scuffs to the silver. This piece has not been polished so there is a bit of tarnishing to the silver. The stones are in great shape with no scratches or dents.

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