Retro Leopard Cross Stitch Craft on Rack

    HEIGHT: 26"
    WIDTH: 12"

    This retro piece is seriously so cool!  The is someone's craft project that they were never able to finish, but they got pretty far!  There's just about 1/4 left to do.  Are you up for the challenge?  The amazing thing is that this cross stitch leopard panel comes stretched on a wooden rack.  The rack keep the cross stitch in place while you sew the colors into the squares.  I have never seen a rack like this and it looks super convenient to have for long panels.  I have only ever seen things that look like an embroidery hoop and that wont keep the long sides of a panel rolled up like this one.  There are a few pieces of yarn looped onto a safety pin so you can easily see which colors you need to grab before finishing this project.  Even displayed as it is, this retro decor item is so cool and will look awesome in your studio, craft room, on a shelf or on the wall.

    This piece is in great condition!  It needs to be finished with some tender love and care.  The rack works well and the cross stitch piece is in good condition.  10/10

    **If you are interested in buying just the leopard panel, please let us know we can discount the item and the shipping to ship you just the panel without the wooden rack.**

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