Sheer Paisley Pashmina-Style Scarf

    LENGTH: 70"
    WIDTH: 20"

    This sheer paisley scarf is soooo beautiful. Lightweight & airy, it can add a little warmth if wrapped around the neck, but can easily be just an aesthetic accessory. Long rectangular scarves are very popular at music festivals and can be worn draped around the neck, wrapped for warmth, as a hood, as a dust mask, etc. The super lightweight and sheer quality of this scarf makes it an entrancing dance prop as it floats in the breeze :)

    This scarf is in perfect condition. There are no stains or discolorations, however there are a couple of spots where the red dye bled into the green, very hard to notice when wearing. There are no holes or tears in the silk. The seams are all intact. 10/10

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