Super Silky Embroidered Chinese Robe - S/M/L

    SHOULDERS: 28"
    BUST: 48"
    LENGTH: 46"
    Fits Small - Large

    We cannot take our hands off this robe! It is the absolute slipperiest - softest - silkiest fabric we have ever touched. This is the most TOUCH ME robe we have ever had in stock. The purest and deepest black - this robe totally shines in the sunlight. I describe this as feeling like whale skin... or at least what it feels like in my imagination. The embroidery on the pockets and back is colorful and serene. This would be an amazing gift for anyone, or yourself :)

    This super silky robe is in amazing condition. There are no major stains or discolorations. There are no snags, holes, or repairs in the fabric. The seams and hems are all intact. There are a couple super minor snags, hardly visible. 10/10

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