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64" x 3.75"

We are all about reCLAIMING threads, and we wanted to do something unique and modern with vintage ties to bring them back to life. This is what we came up with! Two vintage ties are matched together by length and pattern and sewn together to create one connected piece. The result is a badass trippy print tie collar that is worn around the neck like a scarf or a pashmina. Our festival customers have been flipping out over these! Each one is handmade with tons of love! They look awesome worn without a shirt! Will also quickly jazz up a t-shirt or hoodie, button down shirt or coat! It's the sophistication of a pashmina without the commitment of having to carry something around.

These vintage ties are in great condition with no stains, holes or otherwise noted flaws. 10/10

Upcycled Trippy Art Deco Print Tie Collar

$34.00 Regular Price
$20.40Sale Price
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