Vintage Ruffle Lingerie Set - XS/S/M

    BUST: open
    WAIST: open
    LENGTH: 24"
    LABEL SIZE: Small
    Fits like an X-Small - Medium

    This matching lingerie set is so timeless and versatile. It can be cute and flirty, or full blown sexy! See above that we styled the top with menswear to balance out the look for daywear. But once the trousers come off, this set is as sexy as you want to make it. This set can be worn with a casual tank, a bra, or take it a burlesque level with pasties! This is one of those things I would keep for myself, but I can't have everything I want ;)

    This lingerie is in great condition. There are no stains or discolorations in the garment. There are no holes, tears, or repairs. The panties are adjustable with ties on the sides. 10/10