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WAIST: 29"
HIPS: 36"
Fits like a Small Medium.

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for a maxi skirt with slits. This one goes one step above with it's silky shiny metallic brocade fabric. This skirt embodies that quintessential millennium asian inspired trend that was all the rage. Think pop stars, baby! This skirt can be dressed up for down for any occasion. I'm seriously considering altering it to fit me because I want to keep it. NOTE: THE BACK OF THE SKIRT IS CLIPPED TO FIT MY WAIST.

This skirt is in great vintage condition. There are no major blemishes. There may be a couple of snags, but they are incredibly hard to find and will never be noticed while wearing. No stains or discolorations. Belt loops intact. Zipper fully functioning. 10/10

Y2K Silky Asian Style Maxi Skirt - M

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