Marissa Baker styling a fantasy/costume shoot


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RECLAIMthreads is the love-child of Marissa Baker & Emma Charles - delivering one-of-a-kind vintage pieces with unique styling to curate a wardrobe as expressive as you want to be! Together they have 20+ years of styling & 15 years of resell experience.

The brand is rooted in their love for fashion, but fueled by the necessity to reduce waste through reusing/recycling/refurbishing quality clothing. Many of the pieces found at have been featured in fashion shows, editorials &/or advertisements. See their styling featured on the cover of Prolific Quarterly Magazine:

- "Luminescence" feat. on the cover of Prolific Quarterly - july 2018

- "Domesticated" feat. editorial in Prolific Quarterly - july 2018

- "Endangered Species" feat. editorial in Period Mag - june 2018

- "Awakening" feat. on the cover of Prolific Quarterly - jan 2018 - Belle Arti

- "The Silk Road" feat. editorial in Prolific Quarterly - jan 2018 - Belle Arti

​"Lady in luxe" feat. on the cover of Prolific Quarterly - nov 2017

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  • Instagram - Black Circle
Emma Charles styling for Prolific Quartely Magazine

OUR STORY as told by Emma

Later in the night I saw she was dancing with her hula hoop, so

I grabbed my baton and joined her. As I walked up she stopped

dancing and we fell into deep conversation about vintage

clothing, festivals, our personalities, and our relationships. 

Best-friends-at-first-sight type of thing... But even more "coincidental" is that we spoke of being business partners in that conversation... The next day I told all my friends I met this amazing girl and we're going into business! The next month we started styling photoshoots together - it was yin & yang.


Fast forward 4 months:

I quit my miserable corporate office job the week before Christmas.

Our partnership was born November 17, 2017.

Coined RECLAIMthreads December, 2017.

Website Live March, 2017.

Marissa and I met at a party. She was hanging out with a friend of mine - she was so excited for new people to arrive at the party and mix things up - so she introduced herself immediately. She was definitely the life of the party. 

A photo from "The Silk Road" featured in Prolific Quarterly 'Belle Arti' - Jan. 2018