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(When buttoned at the top)


BUST: 35"

WAIST: 36"

HIPS: 39"




his is a handmade upcycled fashion piece, designed by RECLAIMthreads for a fashion show in St. Petersburg, FL on January 21, 2018. The event was "Awakening", the Fine Art Issue Release party for Prolific Quarterly Magazine. We created this piece for a Circus Inspired collection that was inspired by the cover shoot of the magazine that we styled and designed for. This look was inspired by a lion tamer. We wanted the entire collection to be inspired by performers and the various characters of a circus, but still have a modern feel. The collection also had military influences, in addition to a bit of 60's mod. The jacket was originally a white lace jacket from the 1960's. It had a matching dress so we believe that it was originally a wedding jacket to go over the dress for a casual wedding. It could have also been a bridal shower outfit or a send off look for when the bride and groom are off on their honeymoon. We dyed this jacket a beautiful cerulean blue, and we dip dyed it and hung it to dry to create an ombre effect to the jacket. The jacket gets deeper in color from the top to the bottom. The lace of the jacket is so intricate and gorgeous! The pattern is very unique and has a regal quality to it. We added some gold chain embellishments to this jacket for an even more military look. We also removed the buttons and sewed the button holes closed so that the jacket has a cape quality to it. This will look so perfect at a festival or for Burning Man! You will have a one-of-a-kind piece that will bring so many compliments your way.



There are a few small holes to the lining of the jacket. This is a vintage piece that has been worn and loved in the past. We brought new life to it by dyeing it and adding our own touch. There are no stains or flaws to the lace fabric. The snaps are securely in place and function well. The seams and hems are all intact. The sleeves are in good condition and this jacket has a bit of structure to the lace. This is a gorgeous piece that will be loved for so many years to come!

60s Handmade Lace Embellished Coat

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