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STRAPS: adjustable

WAIST: 28" - 32"

MAX. HIPS: 42"

RISE: 12.5"


Fits like a Women's Medium

One of a Kind

These One of a Kind overalls are so freaking cute! If they were a bit smaller, I'd have to definitely keep them for myself. The color palette is a crowd favorite. The flare legs are a throwback to the groovy flower power & paisley-esque patterns of the 60s/70s. The overall aspects are a contrasting dyed denim. The photos are showing more pink in the denim than is actually present - more medium purple and lavender in real life (see last photo without studio lighting). These overalls will look great with any crop top, bikini, bra, etc - or no top! ;) These will not in be in the shop for long.


OOAK Groovy BB Flare Overalls - S/M

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