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BUST:  34"
Fits like a Women's XS/S.
One of a Kind
***Dry Clean Only***

This One of a Kind Velvet Chiffon Robe is sexxxy! We altered a caftan-type piece, opened it up, and decked it out with the most oppulent of trims. The body is a luxurious and ultra lightweight silk chiffon that is sheer and flows with the lightest breeze - the magenta panels on the bust are burnout velvet, and are embroidered on the body - the black panels are patterned silk velvet. We have added black maribou along the edges for that super sexy boudoir style ;) Included is a matching scarf-sari-cover up.

Silk chiffon is delicate.



This one of a kind floof robe was is in good vintage condition. It was destined for landfill, but we saw it's potential. There are some minor repairs. All embellishments have been hand or machine sewn for maximum security. 9.5/10


Our motto is "If we're not wearing it, we're wasting it." We only purchase fur that is vintage or secondhand, therefore our purchases/sales are not supporting the current fur industry. We 100% do not support the farming & killing of animals for their coats. However, in the case of vintage & secondhand furs, the deed has already been done. We hate the idea of boycotting ALL fur because if we're not wearing it, the life has been wasted, and for no purpose. In fact, fur (& silk) is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics because it will eventually fully decompose once in a landfill, unlike synthetic fabrics (& synthetic fur) made from plastic. Long story short, we are simply saving & appreciating what is already in existence so that it is not being wasted. <3

OOAK Velvet Chiffon Maribou Floof Duster - XS/S

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