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SHOULDERS: 17" - 20"
BUST: open

This was a vintage nightgown or dressing gown... so we made it into a robe instead! Now it is ready to be worn after a shower, around the house, or to a festival! The beading on the shoulders adds volume and a real sense of power. When you put this on you instantly feel like royalty. You'll never want to take it off. We love this robe for a man or woman!

This robe is in good vintage condition. There are a couple of discolorations along the front of the robe, but they are honestly more visible from the inside of the garment. The only time you can really see them is in direct sunlight. Other than that, there are no snags or holes. The beading and embroidery is in great condition. 9.5/10

Upcycled Vintage Beaded Velvet Robe

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