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1.25" x 1"
5.6 grams

These pendants were service awards for General Telephone & Electric Co. employees given during the 1960's and into the early 70's as service awards. Lapel pins, shirt pins and charms were also awarded to employees. The stars on the emblems or diamonds at the bottom denotes number of years of service. I know for sure the stars on some represent each year of service. The diamond on this one may signify 5 years of service...I'm not 100% sure. General Telephone was the second largest telephone company in the US and the largest independent operator. General Telephone was not a great place to work, even by the standards of the day, so this award represented hard years and was very significant to it's owner. This is a collectible piece that would make a great gift. It can be added to the chain of your choice to wear as a necklace. 

CONDITION: This pendant is in good condition. There is a bit of wear and some scratches but not to the point where the gold has been scratched off. The back is stamped 10K GF EMBLEM. It has not been tested. My research has concluded that only the raised emblem is 10K, not the entire circle.

GTE 10k GF Employee Award Emblem

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