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28" from end to end


This is a gorgeous, handmade Blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace with giant raw cut and rock-like Turquoise Chunks. There are 7 large turquoise pieces and several small turquoise raw cut pieces at the end of the chain. Be Free. Trust in Your Dreams. Follow Your Heart. Love Life Live Life. Those are the mantras stamped onto silver coins that surround the necklace. Such beautiful messages to take with you as you travel throughout your day. Daily affirmations to show everyone who comes up to compliment this necklace. The clasp is beautiful as well with a large circle and bar closure surrounded by small intricate silver beads of varying shapes and designs. There are curved silver pieces that make up most of the chain and they lend an abstract feel. It is in amazing vintage condition with no noted flaws. The pieces are strung on a very sturdy silver wire and all of the pieces are securely attached. There are no chips or scratches to the turquoise pieces. Each stone piece is a unique shape and size with varying characteristics. Such a beautiful necklace that will make the best gift to someone who love Southwest Jewelry or beautiful Words of Encouragement!



Amazing condition with no flaws to note!

Handmade Raw Turquoise Necklace

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