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BUST: 48"
LENGTH: 28.5"
Fits like a Woman's XL/XXL

You will not find another quilt coat like this one!  Trust me, I did a very extensive search online and could not find one even close to this.  The intricate quilted cutouts are truly astounding!  As a long time seamstress myself I cannot even how they made this without a laser cutting machine or other high tech device.  Each individual design element was meticulous cutout and handsewn in pieces prior to assembling this jacket.  If you zoom into the design you can see that even the dots are each individual thread stitches.  The colors are super fun and there s even some neon pink!  Made in the 80's, this jacket was truly made ahead of its time.  It is totally modern and even reminds me of Harajuku style or Anime.  Will fit many different sizes and looks great as an oversized look! 

This coat is in great vintage condition. There is one small blemish near the armpit and not noticeable while wearing. 9.5/10

Handmade Vintage Quilt Coat - XL/XXL

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