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LENGTH: 28" (Waist Measurement)
WIDTH: 3.75"

This is the coolest vintage belt because it can also double as a scarf style neck piece! It has a magnetic closure that keeps it together. This is a badass 80's belt that is super hot pink and made from sparkle fabric. It is moop free and does not have glitter in the fabric that will flake off! We have noticed that a lot of vintage glittery fabrics have glitter that falls off and is bad for the environment. So it is really cool that this one does not! Wear it around your neck as a cool, textured fabric layered with other scarves and a jacket or coat. Cinches in the waist just right to wear with dresses!

This belt is in great condition! There are no stains or holes in the fabric. The magnetic clasp works great. 10/10

Hot Pink Sparkle Scarf Belt

$18.00 Regular Price
$10.80Sale Price
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