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NECK: Adjustable

WAIST: adjustable up to 38"

I'm obsessed with harnesses, if you didn't know. This harness features a fun Y2K-vibe linked heart belt and matching heart for the connection point on the chest. The neck is adjustable so you can choose where the heart falls high/low on the chest. This harness is prefect for any chest size because the center chain will lay centered. The linked-heart belt part is also adjustable so you can choose how tight or loose & high/low that connection falls on your body as well. The heart loops are strudy and large so you can clip your necessities onto this piece as well - like your keys, a coin purse, etc, for all hands-free everything!



This upcycled harnes is in great vintage condition. All materials are super high quality & hand adjusted for a quality hold. Thick chain - you do not need to worry about any connections spreading loose. All materials used are secondhand & high quality - none of your dollars are supporting overseas labor exploitation.

OOAK Adjustable <3 Harness - M

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