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WIDTH: 26"



One of a Kind


This One of a Kind Upcycled Floor Pillow was a design of necessity. A twist on an older design - the To-Go Pillow - this pillow is lacking the straps, but is full of scraps! We hang on to all off-cuts of fabric and all remnants of thread. These little pieces have been used as the stuffing for this pillow! The pillow itself is made from a prayer tapetry and velvet. This is double-lined for added strength and durability. Every material used in the creation of this piece is secondhand.



This one of a kind pillow is in like-new vintage condition. The original fabric has no major stains, discolorations, or blemishes to note. Every embellishment has been sewn on with machine, or by hand, for a very secure hold. 10/10

OOAK Scrap-Stuft Tapestry Floor Pillow

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