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Best fits 18" - 19" circumference 

*Measure your thigh and subtract .5" for snug fit*


This One of a Kind Garter allows you to adorn your body with a pretty shibari knot that is comfortable and adjustable. The vegan leather is soft and malleable so it won't dig into your skin. The buckle is also designed not to touch your skin, so this piece is highly comfortable and will not agitate. This piece is adjustable so, depending on your measurements, you may be able to wear this accessory on other places of your body. Also, it's purple!



This handmade accessory is in like new condition. The materials used are secondhand, but there are no blemishes in the vegan leather, and the buckle shows no signs of wear.

OOAK Vegan Knotty Garter - XS/S

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