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RTO Bustier: a RECLAIMthreads Original - What's Up with Them & Why Do They Cost So Much?

What is a Bustier? boo-stee-ay

A bustier is a form-fitting garment for women that typically extends from the chest to the hips. It is designed to enhance the shape of the upper body, providing support and shaping for the breasts while also cinching the waist. Bustiers are often made with boning or rigid panels to provide structure and create a flattering silhouette. Bustiers can be worn as lingerie or as outerwear, depending on the style and design.

See RTO Bustier Collection.

What is “Ethical Leather?”

The concept of ethical secondhand leather refers to the practice of buying and using secondhand or vintage leather goods as a more sustainable and ethical alternative to purchasing new leather products. This approach is rooted in the idea of promoting sustainability, reducing environmental impact, and avoiding support for the conventional leather industry, which is often associated with ethical and environmental concerns.

  • Reduced Demand for New Leather: Purchasing secondhand leather items helps reduce the demand for new leather production, thereby lowering the environmental impact associated with the leather industry.

  • Reuse and Recycling: By buying secondhand, you contribute to the reuse and recycling of existing materials. This helps extend the lifecycle of leather products and minimizes the amount of waste generated.

  • Ethical Considerations: Some individuals choose secondhand leather to avoid supporting industries that may involve unethical practices, such as the treatment of animals, labor issues, or environmental degradation associated with conventional leather production.

  • Vintage Appeal: Secondhand leather goods often have a unique, vintage aesthetic that appeals to those who appreciate the character and history of pre-owned items.

Why do the RTO/OOAK Bustiers cost so much?

RTO: RECLAIMthreads Original

OOAK: One of a Kind

We understand that the price range for the OOAK Bustiers is quite high for a garment so small. There are a few reasons for this, and I’m happy to explain.

  1. Time: Our bustiers are entirely handmade and take several hours to complete - roughly 6-8 hours for each one - and that is at my most focused and with batch efficiency. Before the final model was determined, I made and tested a few prototypes to determine the most flattering, size accommodating, durable design and textile combinations, and comfort. I personally have three bustiers - two different models and three different textiles - that I wear often for consistent product testing. I have even wore one of my bustiers on a plane! It did earn me a pat down by TSA, but also a compliment from the agent doing it :p

  1. Materials & Details: We have had three main textile releases of the OOAK Bustier - Ethical Leather, Cotton, and Poly-Velvet. The patterns/color-ways are limited release, with the exception of the staple Black Ethical Leather Bustier. This means that even though we keep making bustiers, if you have a limited release style, no one will have the same one as you. If you remember the Camo Bustier collection, I added tons of details to those bustiers via quilting and hand-weaving. I even handmade the cow print. The Ethical Leather Bustiers carry the highest price point as leather is an expensive material to begin with, but also is the most durable and timeless material used in the construction of our bustiers.

  2. Not just an Accessory, but a Personality: You may think “that’s a lot for an accessory.. I won’t even wear that very often..” And if you do think that, you haven’t tried one on yet. Many of our bustiers have been purchased by friends in my immediate circle, so I’ve been able to get even more feedback. Not only do they rant and rave about the fit and how it makes their bodies look - the fit is so flattering, accentuating the waist and lifting the girls (if you have them, the flat chested girlies still look amazing) - but also about how they feel while wearing the bustier. And on top of that, how often they wear it!

I'm told things like:

“I thought I’d only wear this to festivals/events, but I find any excuse to wear it!”

“I brought the bustier to ___ festival & I wore it every single day!”

“I wore the bustier everyday at ___festival & I felt like such a bad bitch!”

“I bought this to wear to ___ event, but I’ve worn it to every event since!”

This is the feedback I live for.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve worn a bustier on an airplane - mostly to make an impact on the person picking me up, but also to test sitting in it for 5 hours. I wore a bustier over my bridesmaids dress at a wedding last month. Our bustiers are more than an accessory, they are a confidence boost and likely to become part of your personality. The opportunities to wear one are only limited by your imagination.

Shop RTO Bustiers.


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