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What is "Tipper?" What is a "Funktion"? a bit about Bass Music & Sound System Culture

RECLAIMthreads, the festival vendor, was born in 2018 in an underground bass music scene, more specifically the “Tippermusic Scene.” Our first time vending a festival was at The Harmonic Dream Gathering, a 2-day event hosted in an indoor roller skating rink in Tampa. The line up featured some of the scene’s most iconic producers including Jade Cicada, Bogtrotter, Goopsteppa, Duffrey, & more. As well as, some big time artists & painters like Aaron Brooks, Ellie Paisley, & Chaya Av. It was a super intimate event with only a couple hundred attendees. We were able to meet & build lasting friendships with many of the artists/producers. The Harmonic Dream Gathering was the perfect event for introducing Marissa to the music and the scene. HDG will always hold a special place in our hearts as the place where it all started ❤️

"Tipper music" usually refers to the musical style associated with the artist Dave Tipper. Dave Tipper is a British composer and producer known for his work in the ambient, downtempo, and electronic music genres. His music often features intricate and complex sound design, experimental elements, and a blend of various electronic music styles.

Tipper's music is characterized by its attention to detail, innovative production techniques, and a fusion of genres such as ambient, glitch, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), and more. His work has gained a following among fans of experimental electronic music.

Over the years, fans have adapted a few symbols to indentify as Tipper fans. The best known of these symbols are the question mark, lobster, and cow-related themes. One can only assume that the ? was born from the "what-is-this? / what-is-happening?" reaction many people have upon hearing Tipper for the first time. The lobster situation comes from a Tipper track called "Covered in Lobsters." Tipper does not sell merch or do any real branding for himself, so the community has taken it upon themselves to intrepret what is available and create identifying symbols. The most recent addition being cow-related symbology, which comes from the rural myth of cow-tipping and has been adapted simply because it has "tipping" in the name. To experience a Tipper set is refered to as "getting Tipped" - so tipping being another conjugation of the verb... you can do the math. Since Tipper is quite an enigma to the public, his fans have taken much artistic license to identify themselves.

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It's worth noting that the term "tipper music" might be used colloquially by fans to describe a broader range of music influenced by or reminiscent of Tipper's style, even if produced by different artists.

IDM stands for "Intelligent Dance Music." It is a genre of electronic music that emerged in the early 1990s. The term was initially coined as a tongue-in-cheek response to the "dance music" label often associated with electronic music, as IDM is known for its intricate and complex compositions that may not always adhere to conventional dance music structures.

Characteristics of IDM include:

  • Complex Rhythms: IDM often features intricate and unconventional rhythms, with irregular time signatures and complex beat patterns.

  • Experimental Sound Design: Artists in the IDM genre often focus on innovative sound design, incorporating unusual and experimental sounds into their compositions.

  • Abstract Melodies: Melodies in IDM tracks can be abstract and less traditional compared to other electronic music genres.

  • Diverse Influences: IDM draws influences from various genres, including ambient, techno, jazz, and classical music.

  • Nonlinear Structures: IDM compositions may lack a straightforward linear structure, opting for a more nontraditional and experimental approach.

It's important to note that the IDM label itself has been criticized for being somewhat ambiguous, and artists within the genre may have diverse styles and approaches. The term has also been used less frequently in recent years, with many artists and fans preferring to describe the music using more specific subgenre names.

Experimental Bass: A catch-all term for artists who push the boundaries of bass music, incorporating experimental and avant-garde elements into their productions.

Long story short, "Tipper Music" is an umbrella term for composers & producers that make music focused on complex sound design and experimental formulas that draw inspiration from many traditional genres.

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Simply put, a beloved speaker.

Funktion-One is a British company that designs and manufactures high-quality sound reinforcement systems, primarily known for its professional audio equipment used in nightclubs, music festivals, and other live events. The company was founded in the early 1990s by Tony Andrews and John Newsham, who aimed to create audio systems that provided exceptional clarity and sonic quality for electronic music and live performances.

Key features and characteristics of Funktion One sound systems include:

  • Quality Sound Reproduction: Funktion One systems are renowned for their superior sound quality, providing clear and detailed audio reproduction across a wide frequency range.

  • Innovative Design: The company is known for its innovative speaker designs, including horn-loaded speakers and unique enclosures that contribute to high-efficiency sound delivery.

  • Bass Precision: Funktion One is particularly acclaimed for its bass reproduction, delivering powerful and precise low-frequency response without compromising on clarity.

  • Popularity in Electronic Music: Funktion One systems are often associated with electronic dance music (EDM) events and venues hosting electronic music performances due to their ability to handle the dynamic and bass-heavy nature of this genre.

Funktion-One has gained a reputation for providing an immersive and high-fidelity audio experience, and their systems are favored by many audio professionals and enthusiasts in the music industry. There have been a few models of Funktion-Ones and we have a few versions of the patch. Shop Tipper-relationed & Funktion Patch pieces.

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