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Seventh House: Formalwear & The Foundation of a Dream

Seventh House is a boutique of vintage designer formalwear, bridal, & lingerie.

In astrology, The Seventh House is also known as the House of Partnerships and represents your "cosmic plus one," however that manifests for you.

Seventh House is a collection of memorable pieces to adorn the moments you never want to forget.

Seventh House is a RECLAIMthreads side project, born from years of collecting and dreams for the future. Throughout our adventures, we’ve struggled to leave an evening gown behind simply because it wasn’t “on brand.” So the evening gowns, the vintage lingerie, the 60s maxi-dresses, and the 50s swimwear came home with us to join an ever-growing collection. However, for many years, we did leave wedding gowns behind, but only after I tried them on & walked around among the other vintage hunters - that was something I became known for. It always felt sad to leave behind a symbol of someone’s momentous occasion knowing full well that it was going to end up in a landfill somewhere. Back then, I had a dream of some day having the skillset to save these pieces, too.

Shop the Seventh House collection.

Now I do! This year 2023, I was given the opportunity to produce the first Custom Wedding Gown by Seventh House. The bride-to-be brought me all the materials necessary to create her dream wedding dress which included deconstructing and using materials from her mom’s wedding dress! A dream come true ✨ This was such an emotional project for me. On the day of the wedding, I zipped my best friend into her wedding gown and watched her walk down the aisle in our dress. 🥹😭 An absolute dream come true.

We don’t have to leave wedding gowns behind anymore. The beautiful visions of love that those dresses have seen no longer have to be buried among heaps of fast fashion trash. They can be rescued and repurposed for the next declaration of love and commitment. That is my dream and, for that, I am grateful ❤️

(I don't have any photos from the wedding because I didn't have my phone on me ever & I'm awaiting the professional ones)

Shop the Seventh House collection.

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