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STRAPS: adjustable
BUST: 34"
WAIST: up to 26"
HIP: up to 40"
LENGTH: 24" (not including straps)
Fits like Small.

This is an adorable authentic midcentury bathing suit! This style of swimsuit is totally making a comeback today. This can easily be worn as a mini dress (I actually would not recommend wearing this in the water). The built-in shorts are adorable, flattering, and allow you to participate in activities! The smocked sides add some forgiveness to the chest measurements. This piece is giving hot-for-tennis-coach vibes, flirty badminton, vintage cheerleader, bubbly pin-up girl, Lolita... everything iconic, flirty, and the components of romantic daydreams.

This 1950s playsuit is in amazing vintage condition. There are absolutely no stains or discolorations. There are no snags or blemishes. The zipper is original and functioning. The straps adjust by button. The elastic in the thighs still has life. 10/10 

50s Bright Floral Mini Dress/Bathing Suit - S

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